New TRAINING from Lease Options expert, Joe McCall:

Discover our easiest & fastest methods for securing deals in a difficult market

Discover our easiest & fastest methods for securing deals in a difficult market... and how we find our deals with little to no cash investment.

Topics covered on this exclusive training:

  • How (and where) we are still doing deals today!
  • ​Lease Options Overview: Easiest Path To Get Started
  • ​My 7-Step process that allowed me to complete a lease option deal in under 45 days!
Exclusive Training - Our Next training is TODAY!

Here are literally hundreds of recent testimonials from those who implemented the things I teach in this webinar training:

What you'll learn in this free webinar:

Topics covered on this exclusive training:

  • How (and where) we are still doing deals today!
  • ​Lease Options Overview: Easiest Path To Get Started
  • ​My 7-Step process that allowed me to complete a lease option deal in under 45 days!
Exclusive Training - Our Next training is TODAY!

Here are literally hundreds of recent testimonials from those who implemented the things I teach in this webinar training:

"$6750 from a Zillow For Sale By Owner"
Joe McCall, take a look at this check, take note of the address, with a deposit and assignment fee. For a total assignment fee of $6,750 out of a Zillow For Sale by Owner. I already had some buyers in the area, so I didn't do any bandit signs or Craigslist. I sent a quick email to thirty buyers and out of thirty buyers, two contacted me. Thanks to you Joe.

-Yoander Voney
"I hired my VA and within 7 days, I have a $20k deal locked up"
You gave me the single best advice I think I have ever received... I greatly appreciate it. You said to hire a VA and I did... The VA just locked up a deal for a $20k assignment fee. Thanks!

-Beau Hollis
"Much better than other wholesale courses"
"My wife and I really like your course. It is very easy to navigate and we love how the information flows from one module to another like a building block and you don't leave gaps of information out. I really appreciate the videos as I am a visual and kinesthetic learner. I am a realtor and I read material in this industry constantly so it was refreshing to have easy to follow instructions which helps to comprehend the information better. Much better than other wholesale material I have purchased in the past which steered me away from the wholesale industry. I must admit those past experiences made me a bit skeptical of this method as a viable option and when I purchased this course sometime back in this year I thought I may have missed an opportunity to find good deals. However, after going through the material I believe I have a great chance to apply the information to my Air-BnB business to make the amount of money I believed was possible when this course was first introduced to me by Brian with BNB Formula. I wanted my wife to submit the video version of my and our testimony. Thank you, I look forward to applying what I have learned and continue to learn.

Thanks again,
Gene and Valerie Rollin
"Joe doesn't hold anything back"
About his lease options program and his coaching program: Joe is one of the most topnotch guys out there, highest integrity, down to earth and does not hold anything back. He's got everything in his course that helped make him successful. He has all the tips, tricks, and tools to make it really a win-win business, and that is what I really appreciate. It supports the sellers, the buyers, and the investing business. I’m really grateful to find someone like Joe and what he has to offer. Not only do you get Joe's programs but also references to other successful investors. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

-Chuck Lidtka
"Eric Jones WLO Testimonial"
Of multiple real estate courses and memberships I've been a part of, WLO has been the most revolutionary real estate course I've ever taken. The concept is so straigh forward and simple, it's amazing there are not more investors working this strategy. I'm so grateful I found Joe McCall and WLO! Thanks!
"Got a Deal Done In Just a month!"
Coming at you with a real quick testimonial for Joe McCall's Wholesaling Lease options program. I purchased this program around 1st of September and got a deal done at the end of September. I have a couple of checks: the initial deposit $1000 and a cashier's check for $2000 when we closed Sept 30th for a total of $3000. I am pretty happy with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to do a lease option business. Thank you very much!

-Eddie Kearns
"From Social Meeting to Working Buddy :)"
I’ve known Joe McCall for five years now. I met him first of all in a social setting and it turned into business relationship. Joe and I worked together on about 10 houses. We partnered together and then he sold some of my houses for me. I like working with Joe really for a couple of reasons. One is very thorough, he's got a real mind for details. He has a very good application process. The other reason I like working with Joe is that he has a great knowledge of real estate industry. He is involved in lot of various facets of real estate. I use him mainly for selling my homes cause he does such a great job. I literally don't even meet a prospective tenant until they’ve been screened several times by Joe and his staff. Joe takes care of all the closing documents and appointments. It's been a great relationship thus far and personally I look forward to work with him quite a bit in the future.

-Trey Smith
"Double up My Earning through Joe’s leasing Program!"
I was very excited when I found you and immediately joined and right away I found a lot of things you taught that I had not been implementing in my business and so I quickly certain doing that. In fact I recently close a deal, made $4000. I learned to ask more for my assignment fees. So thank you very very much. I definitely recommend your program to any investor that wants to add an awesome business model to investing activities especially in this market. Appreciate you and your course. I will continue to follow what you have teach.

-Mike Sumsky
"I did 3 deals last month"
I just wanted to share with you some of the success I am having with your Wholesaling Lease Options strategy. Last month, April, I have here 3 checks from deals. 1) $6,250 (this one sold in 2 weeks). 2) $4,000, 3) $3,000 from a real estate broker. Just want to say thank you and I loved your course.

-Dave Gerlach
"Easy Lease Option on $500k Personal House - No Money Down"
Carl used a Lease Option to buy a half a million dollar house for his own personal use. 5 years... $0 down. No credit check. No fees or commissions to pay. $1,000 /mo rent credits for 5 years! If it just appreciates 3% a year, he will have over $140,000 in equity at the end of 5 years. He solved two problems, 1) the seller's problem (the house wouldn't sell & she couldn't make the payments anymore), and 2) his wife wanted to live in this super nice neighborhood. BOOM!!
"Earned $5,000 on a garbage lead"
Just made $5,000 doing a lease option flip in Phoenix, AZ. Shout out to Joe McCall! Thanks for teaching all of us investor dudes on how to wholesale lease options. 🙂
"You’ll Better Understand"
I’m a financial planner in Baltimore, Maryland. I have some good things to say about Joe McCall. I'm not a tech person and he took a complex subject and broke it down into something understandable, even to a guy like me.
"Driving home with $7,995"
"Oh yeah baby! I'm driving home from the Title company. I just wanted to say, I implemented everything you told me to implement. I did it exactly the way you told me to do it. Here it is, $7,995!
You’re a true friend and a great mentor! Everything happened exactly the way it was gonna be happen. You’re really awesome!!"

-Tom Kroll
"Grateful for you Joe!"
Joe and Gavin’s advice and experience were instrumental in my journey into real estate! I’ll be forever grateful for this experience! Hope to partner soon on a deal!

-Christopher Mukes
"Joe’s a Good Guy... He does what he says"
This is John Higher from I just want you to know I know Joe. Joe is a good guy. He does what he says. Hope you get to work with him.

-John Hyre
"I highly recommend any and all of Joe McCall's courses"
They allowed me to study, and more importantly, implement systems to do the real estate business!!!

-Ronnie the Great
"Highest recommendation"
Joe changed my business from being stagnant to a real entity.

-Bill Lane
"A New Tool For My Belt"
I've done lease options and also wholesaled before. Using Joe’s system has given me another tool in my tool belt. I can find properties, get control of them, without money out of my own pocket, take a chunk of money off the top from the down payment and help a tenant buyer. I explain more in the video, but it’s been a very valuable asset for me to have in my real estate investing business!"

-Justin Patterson
"Great Coaching and Proven Success"
Joe has a great coaching website that has tons of videos and information and mind maps - whatever you need to do your business. He does everything he can to make sure his students are a success. Copy the program of a successful person. Joe has a successful program and has proven that. He's worked it himself. It's not something he just teaches, he does this for a living and it’s quite successful. I have here a check for $3000 that I got on one of my deals and I look for many more of these. I think you will be as pleased with it as I am. Work at it hard!

-John S
"Fantastic Technique"
I wanted to let you know that Joe McCall’s courses and information and the way that he does his wholesale lease options are fantastic. I’ve been doing options for 24 years and I’ve been very skeptical of this type of technique, but when Joe told me on how he did it, I thought it was brilliant. I think you really ought to consider it but you gotta do it the right way

-Wendy Patton
DePaul Foxworth
"An Immediate improvement on phone calling performance . Getting more sellers..."
This is an incredible way to start the new year. The access that I got to Joe & to Gavin for sales training was phenomenal. I saw an immediate improvement in my performance on the phone. I was more confident. I was reading sellers better. i was getting more sellers to an offer. And for overall... my performance just skyrocketed.

Incredibly worth it! I will recommend it to anyone who's seriously looking at and getting into the Lease Option or Sandwich lease option game.

Peter Ledger
"Joe McCall is the BOMB!!!"
Joe's podcast has helped me to connect with sellers quicker and so much easier. He is able to explain things in a simplified manner and make implementation laser focused! I highly recommend Joe. Thanks for everything Joe!

-Patti Royster
"$2,000 in 2 Hours"
Hi! I've successfully completed my first deal. I purchased the course on Aug 4 and deal was completed yesterday Oct 26. I'm happy and excited to be officially off and running and want to thank Joe and his staff for all the training and hard work put in to ensure my Success!

-Rod Rollins
Deal Check for $8,811.60
Deal Check for $2,000
"Impressive Knowledge in Wholesaling business..."
It has been an awesome adventure getting to know you over these past two years. Your insight, advice and guidance has helped me tremendously. I am constantly impressed with your breath and depth of knowledge regarding wholesaling automation and I am honored to be able to call you a friend. Hope you are having a great time in Prague( While your business runs without you) Bam!

-Tom Krol
Deal with Rick for $2,000
Matt Reed Deal
"$15K wholesale fee... Never been able to do this before."
Got my 1st signed contract today. Good potential on this one to make $15K wholesale fee. Thanks Gavin Timms and Joe Mccall. Never been able to do this before. I start marketing on Monday and get a deal 3 days later without leaving my house. PJ day everyday!

- Jeff Helm
"Loving life, God and Lease options"
Woohoo! Just did 4th LO deal in my 1st 10 months. The tenant buyer was found in 2 weeks, paid an earnest money deposit tonight and will be paying $4000 more on Friday, if not it's non refundable! Loving life, God and Lease options right about now.

- Corey Woodman
"Doing very well..."
We have seven properties in escrow to close this month and four under contract waiting for buyers.

This month is looking real good!

- Janice and Russell Lake
"It Works"
I've listened to several of Joe's videos. They always provide lots of info and insights on doing the business. His lease option forms are very good. I've used them several times on properties we have controlled. Joe is a pro, knows what he's talking about, and a great guide. I would recommend him with enthusiasm.

-Ray Newby
"Your info is top notch Joe!"
I have learned a lot from your Youtube channel and podcasts. I follow you religiously. Your info is top notch. Thank you so much for your guidance.

-Jerry Iwanski

Thank you Joe and Gavin for your direction and step by step plan to success. I'm all in as you can see and can't wait to report back to you with my upcoming success......Thank you so much!!!

-Lawrence Ballard
"First Wholesale Deal for $10,000!!!"
Joe, your course is amazing. I recently closed my first wholesale deal for $10,000. I spent maybe three weeks going through the course and understanding it. And then I started some marketing and I bought some probate leads. I closed a deal out of the first 10 leads. Signed the paperwork. Put the house up on Craigslist with pictures of the house and some good copy. A Realtor called me representing his buyer and they bought the deal. I got a check for $10,000. Thanks Joe!

-Michael Blythe
"The Man Behind the Excellence of Wholesaling Lease Option Program"
This is an unsolicited comment regarding Joe’s Wholesaling Lease Option program. I bought it a couple of months ago and it is excellent. I am doing deals and building my business everyday. Joe is honest and really cares about his students. If you want to be successful with Lease Options, I recommend Joe’s program.

-Robert Burns
"Want to be Successful, Start It Now"
I’m just excited to grow my business, … which I’m starting to do it now with the coaching program. Joe’s been there to help me through… you know, if I got a question, if we’re trying to structure something. It’s been a great, great experience so far. I guess I’m excited to learn how to automate my business more and delegate and bring on team members and people from all over the place to help expand my business. I can spend a lot more time with my kids and my family. Go on more vacations. You know, that’s kind of what I’m looking forward to and that’s my goal.

-Matt Taschner
"Joe's the Real Deal"
Joe’s the real deal. He, honestly like this event, it’s just loaded with content. It’s not a pitch fest. So many workshops, they just lead you up to sell you something. This is just all content and he goes so deep into everything. And he actually does it. He’s not just talking about it, which is huge. 
Just last year, I was camping with my family over in Michigan in our new camper... and I flipped a deal from the beach at the lake. And I was actually helping a student, so I’m now at the point where I've learned so much from Joe, I'm helping others doing it as well. I helped them close the deal, and I closed a deal as well, from the lake. Joe has been such a great mentor for me over the last 5-6 years. He just gives you so much content, so much good stuff. I mean, if you follow any of it... you're going to make money.

-Jesse Mills

"Joe McCall takes you to the next level"
Lease options are the safest and surest way to make money in real estate today. I know because I've built my business around the strategy completely after trying everything else. Many people can teach you how to put a deal together but the devil is in the details. Joe's knowledge of the strategy along with his detailed mind makes him a great teacher. Whether you are a newbie to real estate or an experienced investor, I guarantee you'll learn things from Joe that will take you to the next level.

-Bob Scott
"$3000 for My First Lease Option"
Thank you again Joe, for helping us on our first Lease option. We could not have done it without you.

-Rob Warfield
"First Deal was $18,985"
Look what this guy just did on my first deal, in one of the most competitive markets in USA.

-Marco R
"$36,500, 2 Checks in the Same Deal"
Thanks a lot for all your support Joe McCall and Gavin Timms! Got this closed for $36,500 this past week. It was a double escrow. 2 checks in the same deal…

-Alfonso Inclan
"$34,000 and $18,000 *My First and Second Checks*... This is Awesome!"
So the first of this year I started as Acquisitions Manager for a Local RE co that does mostly flips wholesaling. I am really stoked to say that I just close my first two wholesale deals!

-Terrance Niles
"Before I knew it, this happened - 4 Checks and Still Counting!"
This business is amazing! I got distracted for about 3 months and ramped things back up about 6 weeks ago. Before I knew it, this happened. Thanks Joe McCall and Gavin Timms! You guys are an inspiration!

-Philip Marsh
"System’s Win…$1912 from My 1st Wholesale Deal!"
Enclosed you will find a check $956 which is ½ of the gross profits from my 1st wholesale deal. Being a member of your program has helped me develop the system needed for me to located and close the deal.

-David Deiwert
"$5,000.00 for Real!"
Here is my check!

-Josh Jordan
"$1,250.00… Such a Great News"
Hey Joe! It’s a pleasure to be sending this check! Thanks for the support!

-Bob Kinnison
"Simple and Easy yet Success is Instant"
I wanted to wholeheartedly thank you for a great, informative and "good feeling" 2 day workshop. I was extremely impressed with you and your organization on how helpful and accommodating you all were and your approach to sharing information. No hard sells, no CD’s, no manuals, etc. just a mind map that had more information than previous Real Estate investing manuals I have purchased in the past.

-Thomas Borghesan
"Net $ 5,000 on an MLS House"
Just Locked up a deal using Haim Mamane and Joe McCall's system for making offers on listed houses. Listed $ 32,000, Offered$ 10,000, Short sale Approved at $ 14,000. Re-Sold to Cash Buyer $ 20,500, Net $ 5,000 after cost. Thanks Guys. You Rock!

-Spencer Shadrach
"Course Implemented and Closed a Deal!!"
I recently started implementing this and closed a deal last week from it !! Joe McCall is the man.

-Chris Williams
"Follow Up is the key: Got 2 contracts Back..."
This is a must. We got two contracts back this week because of this method. Follow up is the key to this business and most things in life.

-David Ritcher
"I got 2 Checks this week"
I got two checks this week. One from my local market (Denver) and the other is my first check from virtual wholesaling (Tampa/St Petersburg). The latter was by the book as far as how Joe teaches things. I put out the marketing, but I never talked to the seller or buyer -- my assistant returned the[...]

-Michael McLeish
"Student made $200K last year"
Look what I just got from a student (who made $200k last year). Keep doing what you do… It’s Changing lives in more ways than you can see.

-Will Velazquez
"Having a Huge Deal and almost Profit $80,000 for the month of March..:)"
Hey Joe… About 4-5 weeks ago, I joined your program. You told me to get an assistant and that is exactly what I did. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my past success in the last 4-5 weeks. I have done ~$46,000 in profits since 1st of March, and today is the 19th. And I have a huge deal, that if it closes, I'll make another $35,000, and it should close by the end of March. That'll put me at almost $80,000 for the month. I am so excited I can't stand it! I'm actually thinking about putting all of my stores up for rent, because I want to do this full-time. I'm just barely scraping the surface. I am crushing it and I am so excited! I am so grateful and thankful because you really helped me out. You helped me get that list and helped me with my first batch of mail, while I was on the phone with you and I really appreciate that. So I just want to thank you and tell you that I appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

-Chris Rood
"Full Speed Ahead... By Just Implementing Things from Joe McCall"
I am going full speed ahead implementing the great thing’s I’m learning from Joe McCall and Gavin. My partner Ary and I have jumped into Investorfuse, hired a VA in the Philippines, added 6 emails addresses to our web site (still to be built) and will have a minimum of 10 phone numbers in place by Monday. Starting mailings next week too. This will be all scary if it weren’t for that Joe and Gavin are standing right behind us checking our every move. Thank you.

-Joe Schofield

"Want to Start, Grow and Master your Real Estate Business, Joe is the Man."
One of the best coaching programs out there. Awesome amount of information from marketing, sales, deal structuring, and beyond. I Highly recommended Joe. If you are looking to start, grow, or master your real estate investing business!

-Luke Petrozza
"Great Guy."
One of my clients called me and raved about your program. He thinks you walk on water. Nice going Joe, we are only as good as our clients think we are.

-Claude Diamond
"Excellent. Experienced. I would Highly Recommend!"
Joe McCall has presented at OREIA’s National Real Estate Summit in 2 separate years. Our experience with him both times was excellent. He’s well received, sells well, has good product, and provides the support he says he’ll provide. I highly recommend him as a speaker.

-Vena Jones Cox
"Got the Deal Locked UP!"
Just got a deal locked up after 4 months of follow up. Seller missed our first appointment due to some kind of car issue and then went dark. We kept on him because we knew the motivation was high and not 4 months later the deal is locked up ! It doesn’t take much to follow up with these people and pays off big time ! Still love the feeling of getting the Contract Signed! Boom Baby!

-Stephen Chatto
"Closed My First Deal for $6,000 Profit"
You probably don't know me, but I've been following you for some time... I have pretty much all your products that I purchased during one of your ridiculous sales and I listen to your podcasts. I don't have a lot of money for consistent DM, so I've been doing door knocking, phone calls to FSBOs/FRBOs, etc in addition to some small mailers. Well, last week I FINALLY closed my first deal from a FRBO that I called.We agreed on a price, I found a buyer, and we closed 3 weeks later and I made $6k. I just wanted to say thank you even if you didn't realize you were having a direct impact. Thank you for all you do and for your contributions on the blogs, podcasts, etc.

-Robert Miller
"No Doubt and fear thru the Guidance of Experienced. Got The first Deal!"
Just Close my first deal last week. I really appreciate the support I get from the Facebook group. I think getting started in real estate investing is like starting AA. To get through this addiction ( has everyone has to some degree), it takes the support of a group like this and guidance from an experienced “ recovered addict”( I mean that in the best sense Joe). Thank you all for helping me.

-Amir Saul Good
"Closing on 2 Deals Next week"
Joe McCall, I am pulling a “Joe McCall.” I’m here for at least for a month prob no longer. I’m going to Prague next week. Closing on two deals next week and 2 weeks so far. I just sent out some mail.

-Gregory Hodges

"“75 Deals in 10 different states”, It’s all because you Inspired Me to do the Business!!"
Hi Joe. I have never spoke with you before, but I have enormous respect for you. Your book about how to flip homes while on vacation a few years ago inspired me to start my business, and since then I’ve done over 75 deals in different states.

-Casey Carroll
"Flipping 2 Deals in London @-@"
lipping 2 Deals as we speak from 5,000 miles away in London !! Going live in 10 minutes on FB Live, let’s chat!

-Rick Ginn
"First Wholesale Experience I made over $61,000!!!"
I wanted to let everyone know of my first wholesale experience. I got a property under contract from a probate list for $61,500. I wholesaled it to another investor for $ 125,000. I did not intend on doing a double closed because I wanted to test my theory on the market in this area. I made a mistake and paid $2,600 in closing costs but I made over $61,000 in the deal. Not bad for my first wholesale deal.

-Laura Spaulding-Koppel
"Gaining $8,500...First Deal"
I started implementing his strategies a couple of months ago while working my full time job. I was able to close my first deal earlier this month. My half profit amounting $8,500 after splitting the total profit with my wholesaler. Thanks Joe!

-Ed Lemus
"Incredibly Easy Investing strategy. Got my 1st deal & soon completed the 2nd deal.."
I just wholesaled my first lease option last week.. So excited and couldn’t believe how incredibly easy it was!. Thanks Joe McCall for teaching me and providing such awesome content in the course. I’m already talking with another seller and should have # 2 completed soon. Absolutely love this investing strategy.

-Sandra Dorsey Ostrander
"First Lease Option Deal:)"
Unexpected and very classy Joe. Got my first lease option property under contract Yesterday

-Victor Popov
"Do you have a 7 streams of Income? If not, you Should!"
Shout out to the Man, Joe McCall for being the best coach ever! My wholesale biz is on track to close on 18 wholesale deals the month of December. Record for us. 91k gross profit from all the deals combined.

-David Dodge
"1st Rehab Sold… Profit $90,000"
Today I’m happy to report that we sold our first rehab for a profit of 90K! This deal started with the owner reaching out to me via my website to sell his condo in a great town and on a historic street. The property just sold for about 7k over asking price (607K) and we feel very fortunate to be able tocompletely wipe out our debt. Thanks Joe McCall for your help.

-Michael Aillon
"Joe, The Mastermind of Lease Option"
Hi Joe, I’ve been following you for the past three years now and I have to tell you, your Lease Option strategy is pure gold. I’m in a Phoenix Mastermind, The Go Giver, with big players and while they were talking about the items needed to complete a LO deal, in my head I was saying the words before they spoke them, that’s how good a teacher you are! We successfully closed on two 24 months LO In Mesa and another in the works of the Phoenix. I’m in the Philippines right now meeting my VA’s and a partner of mine and I have a total of 45 VA’s working full time in two different industries, Insurance leads and real estate investments. Thanks for all your wisdom and keep it up. I’m watching.

-Andrew Lebaron
"$1.5M Deal… this is the Story of My First Fix/Flip."
I joined Joe’s Premiere coaching over a year ago and Joe and Gavin really break things down simple and focus on the essential. Putting offers out and marketing and I want to say, huge thanks! That is why I keep doing Craigslist post daily and making cold calls.

-Jesse Willoughby
"6 House Package Sold!...And Now Close deal for $7,000.00!"
Our first assignment check! It includes 6 houses sold together and today after closing the house across the street for $7,000! We received the leads on both assignments from direct mail marketing. We have returned hundreds of calls to get this point and I would encourage anyone who is struggling to market and follow up consistency.

-Allison and Patrick Lane
"Twice in a Row… ($66,707.12)"
I keep forgetting to tell you guys about this lease purchase from Portland that was sold twice!

-Peter Woodward
"For just Six Weeks, we Got our First Check for $2,500"
My husband and I purchased Joe’s Wholesaling lease option course and we received our first check within six weeks and another check last week. Wholesaling lease options provides a much needed niche for a number of sellers. We market mostly to vacant for sale by owners and sellers that are relocating out of the area. We currently have several properties under contract too.

-Kristine Hepp
"The Earlier the Better (Do not Let Success Pass you By)"
I want to take just a second to say thank you to Joe McCall. I am a Traditional wholesaler with a full time job that has struggled to get things rolling. I bought your course, implemented it and I can’t believe how the tenant buyers lined up and are begging me to pick them for the houses I have under contract. They have the down payment money, but can not get qualified for the mortgage. I wish I knew this method earlier. Each time I post a deal on Facebook, I get multiple buyers in a day and several left over buyers for other future deals. This is much easier than marking a property up to a cash buyer. Thanks again Joe. I will keep you posted.

-Frank McGee
"Joe's Teaching Makes It Easy"
Joe's course on Lease Options makes it easy to get started. I was afraid of going back to investing in real estate after losing a lot of money in the past. In looking at Joe's course, I'm not afraid to get started again. He shows how simple it really is, if you're willing to put in some effort.

David L Hartert
"Made $24,000 on a deal"
Joe McCall's Wholesaling Lease Options program was very informative. Although I'm an experienced real estate investor, Joe's training helped me become more organized and goal focused, and more consistent and automated with my marketing process. I totally used a hybrid of his strategies and made $24,000 on a deal while enrolled in his program.

-Jackie Jackson
"VA Off & Running!"
"Good course"
"So this is a good course. I think anyone, regardless of their experience level or what stage in their investing career they are in, will find benefit here. The course goes into a deep dive into Lease Options. But I don't think that's where it ended. In fact, one of the biggest take aways for me in this course was about using virtual assistants and the effrorts of others to grow and scale the business - which was huge. I really enjoyed it. I think that anyone trying this course out for the first time, would find some value in it as well."

- Andrew Black
"2 deals this month. $22,000"
"$4,300 for 10 hours of work"
"$12,000 Option Payment"
Deal Check for $1,610.68
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $2,500
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $1,607.75
Deal Check for $1,687.50
Deal Checks of over $10,000 This Month
Deal Check for $6,000
Deal Check for $4,074.36
Deal Check for $5,670.85
Deal Check for $2,620.80
Deal Check for $13,436.75
Deal Check for $15,975.50
Deal Check for $1,832.97
Deal Check for $10k
Deal Check for $1,898.50
Deal Check for $8,500
"Three Properties Totaling $14,000"
Deal Check for over $16,000
"Consistent Deal Flow"
Deal Check for $7,000
Deal Check for $2,500
Deal Check for $3,653
Deal Check for $2,000
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $4,000
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $3,500
Deal Check for over $13,000
Deal Check for over $1,912
Deal Checks for over $15,000
Deal Check for $33,000
Deal Check for $4,750
Deal Check for $4,000
Deal Check for $3,500
Deal Checks for $52,000
"Earned $3,000 in 3 Weeks"
Hi Joe, I just wanted to say "Thank you so much" because I am a newbie and within just 3 weeks I have earned $3000. Also the mindmap is so fantastic. I can go look up anything I need to and it's right there in my finger tips. Thank you so much!

- Shonne
"Having my first check for $25,093...'Work smart not hard'"
I’m a part of Joe McCall’s program. This particular deal came from marketing with a postcard. This guy called and hung up, he didn't leave a message. 

We call back all missed calls. We tried to call him back several times and we finally got him on the phone. Absentee owner in a highly desirable area. Really we looked at the numbers and wow, it a really good buy for $89,600. We just emailed the contract and I had my acquisition manager, and go over there and meet him, and take a look at it. 

The house was in very good condition. We wanted to make $20,000 so we sent it out for $109, 600. We got one email back, and he couldn't believe the low price. Then we sent out flyers, many were offering me more that the selling price. 

We found a buyer and signed the contract on the spot. I text Joe a pic of my first check for $25,093 from the title company parking lot. I did things a little different, I started off working on the business and not in it, with an acquisitions manager and a virtual assistant. Then I am able to constantly look at the business, and constantly engage with my guys. 

Thank you so much, Joe.

-Ronnie Jones
"The Trustworthy Man"
Hi, my name is Chris Marshall, I'm a new Real Estate Investor and I had the chance recently to meet Joe McCall in Saint Louis. He's a specialist in wholesale lease options. I have breakfast with Joe once a week, we talk about issues and important things, and family, investing and everything. I can say that I trust his judgement and I take his advice. It's helped me in my own business and I see Joe as a strong person and strong friend as well, and somebody that I can really look up to.

-Chris Marshall
"Tremendous Value!"
"I started Joe's coaching program to dive deeper into wholesaling and to have the accountability I needed to move forward in this business. Joe and Gavin do an excellent job of breaking things down into small sections and making it easy to process. I have made more contacts and gotten more leads in the last few weeks than in the previous 6 months I did it alone. Access to coaching and to Joe and Gavin is a game changer in my opinion and highly recommended!"

-Adam Hobson
"Joe's Systems Make the Difference"
I've been in RE for a number of years but never had affordable seamless systems before. I'm feeling pretty confident that w/ a couple more tweeks I'll be able to step away from the time sucking aspects of the business. I highly recommend implementing the systems and having Joe there to help until you feel confident to step out on your own. Thanks Joe!

-Wendy Federer
"Great Value In This Course!"
I believe there is something for everyone in this course. I use material from this course in my business today. Although I came into the training with prior Lease Options experience, I still found tons of value that helped me to refine my business.

-Andrew Black
"Invaluable... I could look over Joe's shoulder..."
As I am very busy, working a full time job, Joe's courses offer many resources for streamlining the lease option process with "done for you marketing". I am not new to lease options and I was wasting a lot of time doing everything myself. What I really liked about this challenge is that I could look over Joe's and Gavin’s shoulder and see what they were doing at every step of the lease option process. Also Joe provided coaching calls and a Facebook group for interacting with other students, which was invaluable for my learning process.
"Unique and Simple Way to make money"
I’ve known Joe for a couple of years now and not only does Joe have something that’s very unique and something that I haven’t heard anybody else really doing, but if you are looking for information on wholesaling lease options, what Joe is doing is pretty unique. It’s different than what I’ve heard before and the way he teaches it is in a way that makes it digestible and understandable. So, if you’re looking to get information on this, if you’re looking for somebody to train you on this, See Joe, he's good.

-Shaun McCloskey
Mindblowing Coaching Training!
Adam Hobson
"System Did it For Me -It’s Well Worth It!"
I’m using Joe's Wholesaling Marketing System, and I’m excited because I just collected a check, it’s my first lease option deal. I’m in the middle of my second month using this marketing system and the deal was for $3500. Also I will have another deal under contract that will sell soon. I'm a new investor and struggled with a consistent marketing plan. This system did it for me. Thank you Joe, it’s well worth it.
Quick Implementation
I have learned a lot about Wholesaling Lease Options and loved the idea when I heard it. Slowly but surely I started implementing things that Joe teaches in his online course and I now have a business of wholesaling lease options in a matter of two months. I am currently doing marketing for deals and hope to get my first deal here in the next few weeks.

-Tim Hodges
Jack Seals
"Such a thorough program!"
The Wholesaling Lease Options course was extremely thorough and truly enabled me to get a deal done in less than 2 weeks of purchasing. The biggest lesson learned was to JUST DO IT. Joe really pushed progress over perfection and that really helped me. I am very glad I took the leap and bought the course, thanks Joe for sharing all of your knowledge!

-Deana Williams
"Incredible Strategy"
We just heard Joe speak about wholesaling lease options which is something we do ourselves in Maryland, but Joe’s perfected the system. He's really spent a lot of time researching this. We learned a lot. We’ve been doing LO's for years but Joe has spent a lot more upfront time making sure this is done ethically, done right, covering every area of the business. Joe has streamlined it and outsourced it while maintaining the integrity and the function of this incredible strategy that is so appropriate for this market. Joe has outsourced things we didn't think could be outsourced. We are going to implement your ideas into our business. We highly recommend Joe McCall.

-Keith and Shannon French
"Keeping it simple can get the phone to ring"
Joe and Gavin have made staying on tract and concentrating on what is next an easy priority to maintain. their use of video on facebook and utube help make reviewing quick and easy. that along with Mindmaps to find all the instruction, links, copy's, cheat sheets, what is next, or anything else Joe has shown you that is important is in one spot in 1,2,3, order. Joe always shows a low or no budget approach as well as the all in everything approach, this has helped me see that i can take massive action with no budget to speak of ( $500) and make the phone ring, but also know what to do and when as working capital increases.Joe's multiple strategy approach to finding motivated seller is extremely effective, coupled with his multiple offer approach shows seller different options out for their motivated situation. this has lead to more offers being looked at.

-Skip Raymond
"Completed Our First Lease Option Deal"
We did our very first deal thru your wholesaling lease options program. And I wanted to say thank you for putting together such a concise program that helps real estate investors. The program worked seamlessly. It was very detailed and scripted. This is definitely something that can be done. Thank you Joe for putting together such a wonderful program.

-Toni Wade
"Fast Start Guide: 0 to Offer"
Joe's great organization and delivery of content has laid the foundation for a prosperous real estate investing business! He equips you with everything you need to be confident in your ability to be successful.

-Tyler Ashbaugh
"Highly Recommend Joe - 'The man!'"
Just want to tell you a little bit about Joe McCall. I've known him well for the last six months. Joe's been in my coach in the program and what I've come to learn about Joe is that he is a great guy, an awesome investor, but the thing that I appreciate most about Joe is his honesty, his integrity and the simple fact that he’s also a person who teaches morals and ethics. So if you're consider working with Joe, he is somebody that I will give a thumbs up to and highly recommend.

-Steve Cook
"100 deals in the last 12 Months"
Last year I sold a little over 100 properties. Just last week I sold 4 properties to a guy from California. After working in ministry most of my adult life, I really didn’t know about real estate. I really learned a lot. This program gives me freedom. I am a part of our leadership team at church. The good thing about Joe is he is obviously trustworthy and he's honest, so it’s easy to deal with him. He’s a systems guy and I am a systems guy so we really work really good together. Once we had our systems in place it flowed pretty smoothly.

-Rick Hein
Jessica Juderman-Van Brunt
Deal Check for $25,093
"Closed My First Deal!"
"93 Offers While Traveling"
"Grateful for Joe!"
"8 Deals Since Getting Joe's Course"
"$4300 in 10 hours of work"
Just picked up another lease option consideration fee! Humbly serving others will come back to you!

Put in about 10 hours of work, $4300, never met the tenant buyers.

- Corey Woodman
"This was life changing..."
I first signed up with joe as a noob who struggled with traditional wholesaling. Tried his program for 30 days and felt intimidated by the strategy so i backed out. I continued studying and researching and found out in my local market nobody was doing lease options. The light bulb went off! I will do lease options in Tx! And as embarressing is it was for me, after i looked around, and even misled by another lease option expert, i came running back to Joe because not only was he more affordable, but the content was the best I found anywhere! Everything i struggled with as a wholesaler went out the window because Joes systems gave me everything i need to be an "investor" as opposed to the one trick pony "wholesaler". This was life changeing for me and i will forever be greatful

- Jose Lopez
"I Owe Joe Everything"
I started out listening to Joe's podcast religiously. Then I met him at a mastermind (that he helped me get into). Then I hired him as a coach and he tripled my business. To this day, Joe continues to help lead the way for me. I owe a lot of my success to him. Joe is legit and all about giving and helping others.

-Brian Ellwood
"First Lease Option Deal and Made $5,000"
Happy and Thankful! 
First Lease Option Deal Closed! And another Lease Option Contract signed last night!

-Katherine Aillon
"$4,200, First Check I Got! (With Right People and Right Resources)"
Thanks for all your help on this deal, and for giving people the resources to change their lives. I’ve done a lot of different courses over a few years. but yours is the only one that gave me this first check.

-Joel Cummings
"From Student To Representative"
I have been working with Joe since November of 2009 as a student of his. We closed 2 deals together within the first several months. Since then, I have become a rep for his company, assisting him with all his deals. Joe has a pleasant disposition, excellent business minded skills, and understands what we need to do to see lease purchase deals close. If you listen to what he says and do it completely, it works. Joe is ethical and fair minded.

-Whitney Cook
"Get More Productivity Out of Your Efforts"
I first learned about Joe McCall a couple of years ago, when I was just looking for different ways of doing the real estate business. I'm always looking for better ways of doing things. And I really liked his approach because he has a very analytical yet practical way of doing the business. You get the details you need, but you still understand the overall concept. For me specifically, I'm a little bit more technically inclined, so I love his approach to integrating technology to help leverage the time that we use... so that we can get more productivity out of our efforts. I think it would benefit anybody who wants to have real solutions that work in real estate now.

-Tony Pearl
"Joe's Commitment to His Students"
Once I heard Joe's podcast, it really resonated with me about the virtual wholesaling techniques that he uses and the automations. And not to long after I started to listen... I joined up as a student. You know, we were marveling at how much Joe gives to his students. Even after we've already made our commitment to him, he continues to give back to us. It's just a testament again to the type of guy he is.

-Ron Rowe
"The King of Automation"
Before meeting Joe McCall, working my regular job, I was on track to be an absentee husband and an absentee parent. And now, it's weird... as a full time investor I don't know how I ever worked a JOB. Joe's been strategic in helping us learn with the new tools he provides... So, that's why we're here - to learn more. He's the king of automation. We have a fairly automated business but being in this room, we realized that there's a long way to go. We have a lot more to do to make it fully automated.

-Jonathan and Aricka Brazer
"$$$ 3750 on my Check!!!"
Well how does it look on my check!

-Jay Adkins
"Just Recently I Earned $7,375.00… Thanks Joe."
Hey Joe, I just want to say Thank You. I learned a lot from you. I just want to share the check that I got recently amounting to $7,375. I really want to take my business to the next level. I definitely look forward to doing Wholesaling Lease Options. I really look forward to working with you and your team.

-Glenn Matheny
"$4750.00 from Automated Wholesaling"
Love getting checks in the mail! Crushing it with my partners in different markets. Automated wholesaling.

-Anthony Price
"3 Wholesale Deals in 30 days totalling $15,000!"
I wanted to share a few of my own success stories from the past 30 days. I’ve sold and got paid for 3 Wholesale Deals since May 30th totaling $15,000. The most recent deal, I assigned my contract to a cash buyer using his IRA to purchase the home. Now… On to my next deal! Onward and upward!

-Katherine Aillon
"3 Wholesale Deals in 30 days totalling $15,000!"
I wanted to share a few of my own success stories from the past 30 days. I’ve sold and got paid for 3 Wholesale Deals since May 30th totaling $15,000. The most recent deal, I assigned my contract to a cash buyer using his IRA to purchase the home. Now… On to my next deal! Onward and upward!

-Katherine Aillon
"Doing Deals at the Beach with Family"
I currently have 3 JV rehab deals under contract, and 2 other acquisitions under letter of intent, and 2 listing forthcoming next week. Wanted to update the group about a deal I just sold after acquiring and rehabbing it, netting me roughly $77,250 ($155,278 proceeds + $11, 975 commission - $90,000 equity). I did a 1031 tax exchange and I’m rolling it into my next deal, which we are starting this week. The important point is that I’m using Joe’s marketing system/business plan to source my deals off market. Have another deal I secure through marketing that closes next week (while I’m at the beach with the family) for about $7,500 net to me after splits. Many thanks to everyone who willingly share what’s working for them. I’m also always happy to share.

-Corey E. Lee
"$6,453.50 Check on it's way"
Good news! Got another check coming for the team for $6,453.50. This one is for 1810 W. Highland Ave. We originally had it under contract for $170k and was marketing for $183k. Wasn’t moving so we negotiated down to $161.5k and sold it for $174.9k. Awesome team effort! Thanks.

-Tim Nguyen
"$5,000 Assignment Fee... Makes my Weekend Nicer!"
Hey guys, Today I closed on that traditional wholesale deal that started in December. I gotta thank Joe and Gavin for some excellent advice: (1) There are deals on Craigslist (2) Follow up is key. I never would have gotten this deal without the follow up. The $5,000 assignment fee makes for a nicer weekend!

-Roland Paicely
"#MassiveActionTaker.. First Deal, First Check $13,346.75!!!"
Completing First deal and Receiving first check $ 13,436.75!

-Mark Palmer
"Joe’s program is the Answer"
We’ve been in the real estate business for several years now, been part of many programs and know of no other mentor to take you where you want to go in real estate. If you want to fast track your success in this business, look no further than Joe! His intensive wisdom, experience and resourcefulness will prove invaluable in learning this exciting, life-enhancing business. We Highly recommend him to anyone looking to begin, expand or Explode their real estate investing or brokerage business.

-Greg Frazier & Rance Cockerham
"Just a Little Motivation!!! $33,000 check"
Off to a good start. Just a little motivation. This was a wholesale (short sale) deal. I created an LLC in the name of the property & once the bank approved my offer $20K . Then marketed to my buyers list for $65k letting them know that I was selling the LLC. The buyer & I agreed on $$55k. So net to me for the LLC $35k minus fees.

-Malik Jenkins
"Just a Little Motivation!!! $33,000 check"
Nice start to February

-Matt Hedstrom
"With Joe’s System and Ability…I made my first $100k… Best Mentor!"
I can attest to Joe’s system and ability to teach others how to launch and run a successful real estate business. I made my first $100k under his mentorship.

-Yassin Shaar
"Basic to Expert, A way to Success"
We started our company already and we started wholesaling but it didn't work good. So now, the need of lease options is a great opportunity for my daughter to be a millionaire someday. So, I've learned the simplicity of organization, the simplicity of looking for a VA to outsource all our tasks. 
Definitely, we will recommend this course to everyone. Joe does go everything to experienced people to find beneficial but also covers the basics like how you get into lease options and strategies to be a successful like beginning level to experts. Also, I'd like to recommend this because Joe McCall is a legend, he's an engineer and has an analytical mind. So, he made the system of doing this lease options the most simple way that real estate investor can do it... the best way to make money.

-Al and Angelique Montecillo

"From Training to Gaining!"
I wanted to give Sheila and Joe a quick update on my lease option progress. Immediately after attending your train in St. Louis in the spring, I began by adding all the systems that would help me keep organized. With the first mailing to a local vacant, low equity list then we added Craigslist, Zillow and Trulia leads to our lists. We received a 9% response rate and a 7% of response on the second mailing. We closed our first conventional wholesale in early September and we closed our our first lease option deal today with several lease option deals in the pipeline. Thanks for all the training you guys have provided.

-Darryl Fields
"Through Step-by-Step… we’ll Make Money"
Joe is the real deal folks! You’ve shown us so much and provided my life with so much freedom! Joe’s coaching is just step-by-step, you won’t get lost and you will make money! We love you Joe!

-Kathy Argento
"Highly Recommend Joe's course!"
Joe McCall has spoken at our REIA twice in the last 4 years, and both times he left the crowd buzzing with all the information he shares. His product is vast on constantly being updated- not only did his customers learn a ton, they have become sources of tips and techniques for our group. I totally recommend getting Joe for a full day workshop!

-Eric Lundberg
"Larry Goins Recommends Joe McCall"
Joe has presented at several of my events. The attendees always get great content and rush to invest in his training. I highly recommend him!

-Larry H Goins
"Joe Is the Real Deal” 2 DEALS IN ($4,000 & $6,000 and Several follow..)"
We attended the OREA convention in Ohio where we met Joe McCall. We trust the people who present there because they are highly screened by the association. We trust their materials. We are never disappointed. Roseanne attended the first session and I attended the next class. We bought the course and the first week we had a contract. We made $ 4,000 on the first sale and $6,000 on the next. And have several following. It really does works. The more time, the more effort we put into it, the more results we get. We Highly recommend Joe’s system and his materials. Joe McCall is the Real Deal!

-Gary and Rosanne Smith

"What a Booom!!!!"
Hey Joe guess what??? I fired my boss and finished my day Job today:-) 2 weeks early than what was mentioned in Marbs …. Booom!!!! Thanks for your support.

-Ian Kerins
"Grateful For all I have learned and continuously learning!"
I just wanted to say Thank You for all the amazing courses, information and help I have received from you! You are a gifted teacher and mentor and so generous in your sharing! Also, thanks so much for the thank you card and gourmet brownies I received in the mail. That was so thoughtful and kind and a total surprise! I am grateful for all I have learned from you and all I will continue to learn from you! Buying your courses was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

-Kristy Dimmick
"Awesome Weekend.. First Deal from Barcelona!"
Hey Joe. Awesome weekend with you. Wanted to let you know I sold my first deal from a coffee shop in Barcelona. How cool is this Business?! Thanks again for inspiring me. See you at the next event. I hope you and your family have a safe trip back to states.

-Phil Metcalfe
"All warm and cold Offers"
The no lead left behind system we set-up is working. All warm and cold offers get email and hard copy goes out again. Every 30 days there after it goes out and continues for 1 year. In December we picked up 2 properties from the fully automated follow up process. Below is the most recent that accepted the offer. Thank you!

-Billy Alvaro
"Wow!! $5,000 profit is waiting for me from my First deal.."
Hey Everyone, So I just got back from a 20 day trip to Colombia. And guess what was waiting for me. A $6,000 check from an assignment I did on the house I spoke about that I sold for $82.5k. I got that deal from the first ever marketing month I did with the group. So I basically made $5k profit after marketing expense. Now that I'm back I gotta reinvest that money into some more marketing and get more deals... Just wanted to share for some encouragement.

-Nelson Andres Pabon
"***2 Wholesale deals in one Day***"
Just today I got under contract 2 wholesale deals! One by my surprise, when I checked my email about 2 hours ago the seller ended up agreeing to 155K! His Original price was actually 270K and I offered 120K ( Why not I’m not afraid of NO) But because I followed up every Friday @ 2pm for 3 months, by then everyone else gave up. Then I negotiated/extended an owner finance deal for 3k down-500/mo and scored a “subject to“ DEAL TOO! All in a couple / few days (after following up up up ) … I have a few more in the Pipeline and offers out there looking good too! Rock N Roll..

-Jamie Doherty
"Made my first Check with wholesaler @ $4,000"
I just wanted to report That I just made my first with a wholesaler I partnered with in Dallas and my check for $4,000 is in the mail! I never saw the house , never talked to the seller or buyer, and rarely ever got into Podio, except to see how follow ups were going. I took your coaching program last fall and actually did not follow it exactly, but that goes to show you that it can work, even if the system is not followed perfectly! Thanks Joe for making me believe that this was possible!

-Jason Johnson
"New Record… Wholesaled at 92% of ARV."
Just set a new company record… Wholesaled a duplex to an international buyer at 92% of ARV. He told me exactly what he wanted… and I delivered. Now to help him grow his wealth more. Profit $5000.

-Brian Lauchner
"2 to 5 Wholesale Deals a Month !"
Thanks you so much for caring about us and being totally unselfish. Because of your powerful influence and simplifying things I am now doing 2-3 Wholesale deals per month. Without a doubt my priority is like the five and three daily method of yours.

-Charles Taylor
"F-R-E-E-D-O-M !"
I quit my job Friday. Working with the family business since 2001. Finally able to focus 100% on the business. Thanks for all the help along the way to freedom!

-Philip Marsh
"23 DEALS that first year"
Hey Everybody! I started Joe's coaching program and had my first full year wholesaling deals and I’m really proud to say that I did 23 DEALS that first year. This stuff really works! Thank you Joe McCall

-Josh Jordan
"No Hussle, just vacation time with the family… and still making $15,000 and $57,000 and more..."
We are taking an 8 week family vacation this year. Traveling the US in our motorhome. I just deposited a $15,000 wholesale fee in my self-directed IRA Wednesday. My wife just signed a contract to sell a rehab at a $57,000 profit yesterday. Those funds will be deposited while we are in Yellowstone Park next month. She is in a truck stop in west Texas printing closing docs to buy a foreclosure at this moment. Thanks Joe McCall for the inspiration. I am in the middle of your virtual wholesaling course and loving life!

-Russ Scheider
"Total Profit From 1 Deal = $28,648.20 - Thanks a lot for the tools and trainings!"
I want to use this opportunity and say THANKS A LOT Joe for what you are doing for your students and the level of passion that you are doing it with. I closed recently using some of your tools and training. I put under contract this house for $69,000 and sold for $100,000. On the top of this seller paid me $5,000 for Round Robin Auction Turn-Key Event and buyer paid $1,000 as Bonus for having a pleasant transaction. Total profit $22,648.20 + $5,000 + $1,000 = $28,648.20.

"After 3 Weeks...I Started Marketing...then, I Got this $1,000.00"
Happy to announce my first deal! Actually got this deal only 3 weeks after I began marketing. I started marketing on February 1. Closing on another deal now.

-Sean Stewart
"$2,443.00, 1st Deal… Just the Beginning of Great Things to Come."
Hey Joe! I just closed my first deal! I wanted to thank you so much for all your wisdom, guidance and help! I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for sowing into my life. I know this is only the beginning of great things to come.

"$5,000.00...From Waiting to Winning (Just in Time)"
Mailing campaign. From the first of this year, I sent out 250 letters in February. Then about June I got a call from the daughter of the owner saying that her mom is interested in selling her grandmother’s place. Got it under contract. Got a buyer in just a few days. Then, the mother had a stroke and hospitalized until the week of Thanksgiving. So we just got it closed today. Contract was for 30k. Now I have even more money for marketing!

-Trent Wood
"Just closed. $32,800… Lease Options Work!"
Congrats Joe McCall! This was a little deal we just closed. $32,800. Marishka Pilch and I know lease options work.

-Larry Gill
"5 years in the business, with Several deals."
I bought Joe’s course about 5 year ago and have done 8 deals since. I’ve made back more than 10 times the amount of that initial investment I made in Joe’s Wholesaling Lease Options Program. Up to this point 100% of my tenant-buyers have ultimately purchased the home which is a great feeling. I would recommend Joe’s Wholesaling Lease Option program for anyone looking to get into real estate with little or no money.

-Adam Olson
"First Deal, A Close Deal. I made $5100! (System Success)"
Joe – Just got my first deal done using your system. It was the easiest deal I have ever closed. I attached the check and paper work. I made $5100 on it. So did pretty good. Just wanted to say thanks.

-Randy S
"Received a check for $2500"
Joe's Wholesaling Lease Options course is very easy to implement and it really fills a need for a lot of sellers. We received our first check within 6 weeks of getting the course and have 4 other properties under contract at the moment. The key for us has been to let the sellers know all the benefits of the lease option and to have a local mortgage broker on our team . The material and videos in Joe's course is very easy to understand and there is lots of great content.

-Kristine Hepp
"Most Rewarding Year Ever."
"Thanks for All You've Done, Joe"
"One of the biggest eye openers when it comes to creative real estate investing"
"I just want to give a quick testimonial about Joe McCall's Lease Options course. It's definitely one of the biggest eye openers when it comes to creative real estate investing. I'm very happy that I invested the money into working with Joe McCall and learning from him. Right now I'm working on my first deal ever, that's closing right now. And I should make about $5,000 on that deal - once everything is worked out with the attorney. I am super excited. I've been taking action & didn't give up. Even though it's hard work, the system taught me about marketing, automation and delegation. Joe McCall is the best person to teach that. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend that you get the course. And I guarantee you that if you hard at it, it's going to change your life - just like it changed mine. Thank you so much for the opportunity, Joe."

- Depaul Foxworth
St Louis deal w/ Jeremy for $1,000
Another St Louis deal w/ Jeremy for $2,500
"Thank you to Joe McCall - 2 weeks, $10K Assignment Fee"
Deal with Rick Hein for $2,000
Deal Check for $10,000
Deal Check for $2,647.54
Deal Check for $2,000
Deal Check for $1,477.82
Deal Check for $6,453.50
Deal with Rick Hein for $2,000
Deal Check for $1,834.50
Deal Check for $10,845.57
Deal Check for $4,000
Deal Checks of almost $20,000 This Month
Deal with Rick Hein for $956
Deal Check for $2,827.50
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $1,912.00
Deal Check for $1,244.50
Deal Check for $2,827.50
Deal Check for $1,250
Deal Check for $14,173
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $4,811
Deal Check for $1,028.35
"Another $5,000 Deal"
Deal Check for $1,054
"$36,500 this past week"
Deal Check for $5,000
Deal Check for $1,500
Deal Check for $1,312.50
Deal Check for $4,500
Deal Check for $5,000 with another $6,500 coming
Deal Check for $6,793
Deal Check for $6.561
Deal Check for $10,000
Deal Check for over $5,000
Deal Check for over $14,000
Deal Checks for $5,000
Deal Check for $934.44
Deal Checks for over $14,000
Deal Checks for over $32,000

Hi, my name is Joe McCall... and back in 2008 - in the middle of the Great Recession - I discovered one of the easiest and fastest methods to do real estate investing deals... that didn't require piles of cash or years of experience.

Within 3 months I quit my job, and for the past 10+ years I have helped thousands of investors learn the secrets of doing lease options.

In this special webinar, I want to show you how you can start (or grow) an REI business...

  • by "forgetting" about your competition...
  • little to no lead acquisition costs
  • ​without needing any excessive funding or loans
  • ​with no buyer or seller list on hand...
  • ​The best part? This training can be done at your own pace, so there's no need to sacrifice leisure time!

All apsiring real estate investing entrpreneurs can benefit from this training. Whether this will be your first deal, or your five thousandth, this training could radically change the way you view lease options, especially in today's economy.

- Joe

Here's Some Of What I Cover On The Training:

  • ​What is a Lease Option - simple definitions... The benefits to sellers and buyers
  • Lots of case studies and example deals - see how the numbers work
  • ​How to calculate different Lease Option offers
  • ​REI Simple Demo
  • And More!
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There is no guarantee that you will make any money in this business. In fact, most people don’t. Most people quit and give up when it gets hard. Probably less than 5% of people make any money in real estate investing. This is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. This is a legitimate business – and you must treat it as such. You must work hard. And you must invest time and money in marketing. Your results will vary and are NOT guaranteed. Always seek legal advice and counsel before implementing any business opportunity or real estate investing system. Read my full disclaimer here.
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This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.